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About Us

Bucks Schoolwear Plus is your friendly local school uniform shop.

More formally, we’re a specialist retailer of school uniform and everything else that your child needs for his or her time at school.

We are a small and independent local business which opened its doors for the first time in 2007, from when we have grown steadily and now employ a number of friendly local people, several of whom have worked for the business from the beginning.

Bucks Schoolwear Plus is a member of The Schoolwear Association and also belongs to The Federation of Small Businesses, so when you come to see us you know you’re dealing with a reputable company whom you can trust.

If there’s only one thing you remember about us, it should be that we’re ‘The One-stop Shop for Schooldays,’ and we’re the only one in the Aylesbury area.

Bucks Schoolwear Plus – what do we do?

We are an official supplier of the badged uniform for more than 30 local schools, so if your child’s school has told you that we’re the supplier of their uniform, it’s us you need to come to see whenever your child needs something for school.

Whether they’re an excited new pupil who needs everything or an existing pupil who’s grown out of things we’re here to help. Don’t worry if you’ve lost that uniform list the school gave you, we have copies and also always know what general items each of ‘our’ schools asks for and in which colours.

But that’s not all! We really are 'the one-stop-shop for schooldays,' so you’ll be able to get everything you need in just one shopping trip, so there’ll be no more trailing round the shops for days on end. From badged blazers and sweatshirts to lunch boxes, plimsolls, rucksacks, water bottles, shirts, trousers and skirts, our friendly and experienced staff will be able help you as much (or as little) as you want them to.

So even if we don’t supply the badged uniform for the school your child goes to (and we can’t do this without the school’s agreement), we’re shop to visit for all the items of general schoolwear you’ll need to buy. Remember, we sell good quality items at fair prices, so they’ll last a lot longer than most very cheap things, and therefore work out cheaper in the long run.

Don’t forget we are also the local stockist of the uniform for Brownies, Cubs, Rainbows, Beavers, Guides and Scouts. We always have a good stock of all the most popular items, and if you’re looking for something more unusual (such as uniform items for Leaders or Explorers) we carry a small stock permanently and are always happy to order something in specially for you – just pop in and ask!

We also stock dancewear, including shoes for ballet, jazz and tap.